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Unless you're a casual blogger blogging for the heck of it, or as a diary or journal of sorts to keep family updated, you want as much traffic as possible. More traffic means more backlinks, which in turn means a higher ranking in Google, which in turn means more traffic. It's a vicious cycle, but that's the way the game is played. 

When you first start out, it's tough getting your blog out there for the world to see. You encourage your friends and family to follow you and share your blog with others, but after that, what do you do? There are a million blogging forums and communities on the Web. Joining one or more to promote your blog is a good idea. 

One such site called LinkReferral allows you to register your blog to be included in their listing. Once there, it can be seen by thousands of other LinkReferral users. It's a great way to get your name out there and gain a following on your blog. 

LinkReferral works like this:
  1. Register for an account and enter your blog information.
  2. Begin visiting other blogs. In order to move your blog up in the listing, you must visit 30 other blogs a day. LinkReferral keeps track. 
  3. Review 5 blogs a day to move even further up in the list. 
  4. Post once daily in the forum.
  5. Favorite one blog a day you find interesting. 
All of these actions will move your blog up in the listing for more exposure. Doing this on a daily basis brings in a lot of traffic, even if your blog is brand new. Be sure to have content on your blog that is interesting and/or beneficial so your visitors follow you and return again. 

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