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Guest post written by my buddy Royce Heath

My best friend has just helped me create a website for my business. He is so technical savvy it is sick. I went over to his place and he just showed me the site and I was blown away. He has services with t1.xo. He showed me his final product for me, and it was so wonderful. The design, layout, and organization was perfect.

I had given him a ton of info to put on the site, but he explained to me that less is more when it comes to sites. You don’t want to overwhelm the costumer with too much information and words. I didn’t understand at first, but once I saw what he was talking about, I totally got it. The site is very user friendly and I think it makes a really good first impression of my business. Because we are friends, he did this for me as a swap of sorts. I’ve always helped him out with his truck repairs for his company, and never charged him for those repairs either.

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