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by Lisa Silket | 12/04/2011 03:14:00 PM in |

The Internet and the number of people who use it are growing at a fast rate. In fact, these days everyone seems to be competing for the same things: exposure and loyal readers/followers/clients. With competition this fierce, it is important to have an online marketing strategy to gain exposure for your website.

The first three pages of Google search are 'king' - pages after that are seldom viewed. Most people, when searching a keyword or phrase, are most likely to look at the first three pages of the search results and will ultimately choose a website found on one of those pages. Websites found at the beginning of search results are often regarded as trusted and reputable.

Search engine optimization (or seo) is one way to gain exposure.  Last I read, search engine marketing in the Middle East is quite successful. If you are marketing a product or service being in the top of Google search results, digital marketing is key.

Twitter users from the Arab world have a 136.5 % growth rate since about 2009 to today, that is HUGE! An infographic about Digital Marketing Trends in the Middle East reported that 40% of these social media Twitter users are from UAE,

Branding is also very important. This is where Internet marketing comes in. Using tools such as blogging and social media helps to get your brand recognized. Without this, your website and what you want to promote may go unnoticed.

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