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by Lisa Silket | 11/22/2011 03:04:00 PM in |

Advertising is not what it was anymore, is it? The first thing I pondered when I started my own small business online was, "how should I advertise it?" Some 'old school' ways still work. I made up business cards and would leave them at grocery stores, tattoo parlors, on the pumps at gas stations, etc...Flyers work as well. However taking out an ad in the newspaper seemed outlandish to me. Years ago that would work, but I doubted it would work now.

Then I cam across an Advertising Agency that still uses the 'old school' ways as well as 21st Century platforms, such s the Internet, social networking sites and blogging. The basic concept is that people still use older forms of media, such as newspaper and radio; they simply view it or listen to it in different ways. People are enjoying their favorite television shows, music and publications online.

This is exactly the type of advertising I need to look into to get my online business 'out there' in order to build my own client base.  Times, thy are a-changing, this is true, but old fashioned ways still work, they just need to evolve a little - they need to morph into the here and now.

If you have a business, whether online or an actual brick and mortar store, keep in mind that there are still many people from the older generation who still look to older ways to gather information. Combining your advertising with old and new mediums is the best way to reach customers and clients of all age.

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