Time to Think Outside of the Box

by Lisa Silket | 10/25/2011 06:39:00 PM in |

Many bloggers venture into other areas of money-making opportunities that stay within the realm of working from home. For example, many set up profit sharing tee shirt websites and design graphic tee shirts. Some people set up drop-shipping websites and sell a product they are familiar with. For example, I have a friend that sells aftermarket guitar parts for anyone interested in customizing his guitar or bass.

One thing I came across recently and thought was a great idea is custom wall stickers. With super hero, sports icons and pop culture growing in popularity on an hour by hour basis, you can take advantage of this by designing great wall stickers. With a bit of SEO work and some thoughtful designs, you could be on your way to adding a bit of supplemental income into your bank account to help supplement your blogging.

With the world of blogging becoming difficult to earn a living in, it has become very important to venture outside of your comfort zone to help make additional income. An outside of the box idea such as this could help you remain self-employed and working from home.

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