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by Lisa Silket | 10/18/2011 09:06:00 AM in |

Most people would accept advice from a search engine marketing firm when it comes to enhancing the marketability of their blog because these are the people who study trends and devise ways to enhance rankings. Every blog has a topic and a point to get across and no matter how much of an expert on the topic you are, there is usually someone out there with equal or increased experience. Often, searching out those people and asking them to add a guest post to your blog is a good way to broaden your readership and validate or enhance the point of view you seek to get across in your own writings.

When you have multiple views on a single platform is sparks a collaborate effort. When readers see that you value similar and even differing views, it can promote increased responses through blog comments, link backs and even linked replies on other blogs. Guest blog posts also raise your reputation in the blogging community by allowing you the ability to build relationships with other bloggers.

Don’t litter your blog with a guest post every day, but use it to enhance a controversial topic or to introduce a new point of view. This helps to spark conversation amongst your readers. You might find that this is the key to put your blog over the top.

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