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by Lisa Silket | 10/28/2011 12:15:00 PM in |

A friend of mine recently started blogging and asked me to take a look at her blog. She was new to the game and wanted me to tell her what she was doing right and what she was doing wrong. Since I manage a blog about blogging, I felt I should take a look. I have decided to share a few things with you that I felt she could improve on.

As a whole, she did an excellent job. She stuck to topics that she knew and understood so she was able to come across to readers as authoritative. This is very important when blogging. Blog readers are smart and can all the BS flag right away if they see you don’t know what you are talking about. If you plan to blog, blog about something you know. If you’ve never watched an NFL game, I’d stay away from blogging about Football.

One thing I did notice is that when she wanted to link to a website, she linked to the actual URL. As an example, she did this: The best way to link to a site is to use a keyword. This not only prevents the post from looking cluttered, it helps the website that you are linking to, provided your blog has page rank. As an example, if I want to link to the excellent company that I listed above, I'd do it like this: healthcare uniforms. Now, if you hover your cursor over "healthcare uniforms" you will see that it is a hyperlink that takes you directly to the website I am talking about. 

When indexed, the keyword and the link will help the website you write about. This is called a "backlink" and is very important for beginner bloggers. 

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