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Branding is very important. Having a blogspot or other blog platform URL does not install professionalism to most readers. often, as soon as a reader sees that the URL is Joe's blog at blogspot, they immediately look for the X button and close out of the browser.  You can increase the validity of your blog by purchasing a URL. Most platforms offer easy integration to make the process of moving from a platform based URL to a purchased URL very easy. When you have your own URL you can use the URL name to start "branding." Brand recognition is very important weather you sell a product or attempt to keep readers.

If they remember your blog's name, they will be more likely to pass that name off to potential readers. Many bloggers design a custom logo that represents their brand or blog's name. This type of branding is auditory and visual. If you have no artistic ability, you can have a professional create a logo for you.

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