Blogging While Traveling

by Lisa Silket | 9/21/2011 02:20:00 PM in ,|

Traveling, for me anyway, is usually a vacation. A time to get away from work and relax. However, being a blogger means there is always something to write about. I find I have more things to blog bout while on vacation. In most cases, the blog entries I create while I am away are my most interesting posts.

Since I take my work with me, having a reliable and lightweight computer is important. I recently found a nice HP Laptop that is perfect for traveling along with me. I never used to actually take a computer with me because I have a 'smart phone' and can blog from my phone. I can even add images to the blog posts from my phone. While this is convenient, it really is not practical for me because I take forever to text/type using my phone.

Oh, and yes, I do have that voice program on my phone where I can speak my thoughts aloud and the phone will type my words. I used that a few times; until I said, "Thank you, Lisa" and my phone transcribed, "you suck" wow--what the heck Hahahaaa!

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