Studying and Blogging From Abroad

by Lisa Silket | 8/06/2011 03:09:00 PM in |

Guest post written by Jenna Hartman

Blogging is emoting that I've been doing for quite a while for the past few years or so, mainly about life in general but I also throw in my general beauty and makeup every once in a while. Well, I want to continue doing that with the blog I've been keeping, but just abroad.

I went online to buy a domain name and found That worked and got the deed done so now I'm worried about hooking that in with my back catalog of blog posts. I love seeing how other people dress anyway, so I think I'll be taking a whole lot of pictures of street style too.
I might even blog some of my own outfits while I'm there.

I plan on dressing a little more daringly than I normally do, just because I feel like that's a very European thing for them to do. Besides, I've been reading things online that say that it's this really amazing area with all kinds of flea markets and thrift shops, which are actually in my budget.

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