Finding the Time Between Your Job and Sleep

by Lisa Silket | 8/27/2011 09:23:00 AM in ,|

Many jobs in the workforce require a substantial investment just to maintain employment. For example, a machinist must purchase his own precision measurement tools whereas, you can often find a nurse perusing websites such as, in an effort to find cheap scrubs so she can continue to go to work in the proper attire.

Many bloggers work full time so they can work from home. However, a large segment of bloggers have jobs in the workforce that require a large amount of their time and a moderate amount of income placed back into their job just to stay employed.

This begs the question: Where do you find the time? Somewhere between getting home from work and going to bed, part-time bloggers must find the time to blog so their sites can develop the thriving readership that will eventually allow them to support their day jobs! Do you prefer late nights by the light of the monitor or early mornings with a pot of coffee?

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