Expanding Your Client Base

by Lisa Silket | 8/27/2011 09:15:00 AM in |

As a blogger trying to earn money by writing, you must keep in mind that you are essentially a very small advertising agency. The world of advertising has always been a fast paced environment that changes on a regular basis. Television, print and radio have given way in large regard to Internet advertising.

As a very small advertiser, you likely struggle to find clients that can offer repeat business that will yield any substantial income. If you are looking to increase your potential earnings you can take steps to connect yourself to larger pools of clients by networking with established advertising agencies that already have a built-in client base.

Many successful advertising agencies have already adopted the Internet and bloggers as a viable resource for customer advertising. If your blogs have an acceptable page rank, readership and content, many advertising agencies will reach out to you and offer work. However, there is no need to wait around for someone to contact you. Take a few minutes each day to reach out to online and local advertising agencies and tell them what you do. Look for contact forms on the website or for contact e-mails. A large number of inquiries may go unanswered but just one successful contact could yield you several clients worth of work each month.

Working as a sub-contractor for a larger advertising agency decreases the amount of legwork and capitol, you must invest in advertising your own blogs. In the end, the risk verses reward greatly swings towards the rewards if you network with at least one agency. 

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