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by Lisa Silket | 8/06/2011 07:16:00 AM in |

Have you ever thought about setting up trade show exhibits for your business? This is something that I have been thinking about since being to a trade show recently. I saw all kinds of really trade show displays. I bet it would not be difficult to think up a theme for a home based business!

In fact, I saw a cool Disney exhibit. It was a travel agency who specialized in Disney vacations. I'll tell ya what, it really 'sold' people on booking a trip, even in this bad economy! The visual aspect of a trade show exhibit can really entice people to buy. This person had vinyl banners that really grabbed my attention.

Last month I attended a little trade show and I actually saw trade show exhibits a blogger had set up. Kind of 'selling' himself as a medium of sorts for people. It was something I would have thought unheard of but he was actually busy the day we were there. people were really interested in him but I really think it had to do with the exhibit he had set up. It was futuristic, like a 'marketing of the future' type set up.

To find trade hows in your area, simply type in the keyword and location and you'll find the shows in the area you want.

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