Be Specific When Searching

by Lisa Silket | 9/07/2010 03:14:00 PM in ,,|

Recently, on a personal blog of mine, I wrote a post about a friend, R.A Leslie, life coach and author, who is holding a seminar on 9/9/10 at a local Barnes & Noble (if you're interested in more info, see post: Relationship Coaching with R.A. Leslie at Barnes & Noble)

Anyway, someone contacted me to tell me that she would love to find a life coach or someone who does relationship coaching--but they need to be in her area, which is New York. She asked how to find a reputable person online, that is close to her.

The advice I gave her lead me to making this post. Always be specific when searching. I told her to search 'relationship coaching New York' because that is specially what she is looking for. Google doesn't need words like 'in' or 'in the nearby areas of' just type the specifics to receive optimal search results.

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