Why a High Bounce Rate?

by Zyon | 2/11/2010 03:03:00 PM in ,|

he 'bounce rate' tells you how long people stay on your site. A high bounce rate means people get to your site and leave, quickly. The top reason for immediately leaving a site is lack of relevance of a site’s content in the search user’s eyes. This can simply be because the user entered a very vague/generic term and you rank really well for some generic keywords. This can also mean that your site may have in depth and good content about the search term but instead of landing on the relevant page you redirect them to a single landing “homepage” where, at a glance, people won’t realize that the info they need is just a few clicks away.

Use Google Anlytics to see what your bounce rate is and then dig deeper to figure out why people are leaving quickly. Once you know that you can make the necessary changes to your site.

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