Good Ways to Use DM on Twitter

by Zyon | 1/30/2010 12:23:00 PM in |

1. Engage Your Followers – If you feel intimidated with someone on stream, but would like to say hello and know more about your follower/following, then sending a personal direct message will open up a way for you to send your message across.

2. Long Private Conversations- When you have been on Twitter for the longest time, you would one day be able to form a bond with your Twitter friends. As friends you want to talk longer, of course you don’t want to clog your stream with long conversations, as most people might not really be able to relate. The unwritten rule is hold at least only 2 to 4 tweets of conversation with one person on the stream and do the rest on DM.

3. Interviews – You can invite your Twitter friends to answer questions for a post via DM, I have had a lot of interviews made on DM, again its easy, fast response and real time. No need to worry because if you miss an answer, you can check it later via email.


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