Basic Blogging Tips

by Zyon | 1/10/2010 03:42:00 PM in |

1. Use permalinks whenever you can. A permalink is the link to an individual blog post. These are important because if you ever need to link to an exact blog entry, you use the permalink as your link. It’s poor blog etiquette not to use the permalink. If you don’t use the permalink, you’ll just be linking to your main blog page.

2. Don’t hotlink images. Hotlinking is when you are directly linking to another site’s graphics, files, video, etc. instead of linking to those items from your own server. A better way to use graphics (once you’ve asked permission) is to right-click the image and save it to your computer and either insert it into your blog from your computer or upload it to your account at PhotoBucket (or a similar third party) and use that code.

3. Ask permission (for almost everything). Familiarize yourself with copyright and Creative Commons. While you don’t have to ask permission to link to someone, you do have to ask permission to use their photographs and their content.

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