Concrete Passwords

by Zyon | 12/29/2009 12:30:00 PM in |

Passwords are a huge part of online security. In order to keep yourself protected you need to know how to create a concrete password - one that will not be so easy to crack - if at all!

  • Choose a password with at least eight characters. This should be a mix of numbers and lowercase and uppercase letters.
  • Don't use names or numbers that are associated with you such as the names of your children, dog, street address, phone number, birthdate, etc.
  • Take the nonsense approach. An example from Microsoft offered the sentence "My son Aiden is three years old." As a password that could read "MsAi3yo".
  • Go a step further and choose a phrase for an effective password. For example: prairie dogs. If some of the letters in the phrase were capitalized, it would be even better. For example: praiRie doGs. If numbers were used to replace some of the letters in the phrase it would be better yet. If a=4 and o=0, then the password would be: pr4iRie d0Gs.

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