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Of course it is, and here’s why…

1) Give the reader something to look at – Ok, this seems silly but it is important. Often blog posts that contain a lot of text are overlooked as readers are skimming the pages for important pieces of information. Adding an image to your post breaks up the flow of the text and adds a spot for the eye to rest.

2) Add a visual element to support your post – The quicker you can communicate your post’s message the quicker the reader will decide if they want to spend the time reading your post. Adding an image will help the user decide what the post is about.

3) Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – You knew this had to come into play somehow, right? Adding an image to your blog post give you another opportunity to add keywords into your post. What you say? Image, keywords, huh?

Since search engines don’t crawl images they crawl code, when you add an image to your blog post you have the opportunity to add an “alt” tag and an image “title” tag in to the code of the page. Both of these tags are two more options to get your keywords into the code of your post. These tags are explained below:

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