Tracking Content via IM Bots

by Unbalanced Libra | 9/06/2009 04:43:00 PM in ,|

With the help of IM bots (IM bot is a software based virtual IM buddy) one can retrieve a variety of information. We can use them to obtain real-time news bits from different sources, twitter updates and the like.

A few such IM bots (mainly Gmail/gTalk based ones) are discussed here.

If you are a researcher, it is likely that you visit a host of web sites regularly for updating on your subject.

For instance, a business analyst may be keen to obtain the latest happenings in his domain. Visiting each of the relevant sites everyday is certainly not a feasible proposition.

Newsfeeds may be a better solution but one may not always get time to read all of them daily.

A mechanism that pushes relevant content as and when it appears is the best possible alternative. The free service ( enables you to do this.

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