Blogs and website that hold contests and giveaways are all over the internet. People love to get free stuff and that's why, even though there are so many sites that do this, it works for most, if not all of them.

I write for one site that does nothing but promote sites that are holding contests and giveaways -
Sites like Blogaways and are the kind of sites you want knowing about your contest/giveaway because they will drive traffic to your site.

Today, I ran my first giveaway at my Caffeine Mom blog - check it out: GIVEAWAY! Internet Dating Is Not Like Ordering a Pizza
I posted about this giveaway on Blogaways, a few of my other blogs, Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, Yuwie and someone posted it at Online-Sweepstakes!

The contest will run for a week and in that week I hope to not only get more people interested in the giveaway but hopefully in that blog as well - to gain some return visitors!

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