Are You Comfortable?

by Unbalanced Libra | 2/24/2009 02:45:00 PM in |

If you view blogging as the main staple in your life, whether for work or for leisure, where do you blog from? Sometimes I use my laptop and sit on my sofa, for me that's comfortable. Some people, however, prefer to have a more professional setting when working at the computer.

I would love to have my own office, complete with a cool desk and soundproof walls (to drown out the noise of the kids, hahaha) but I don't. I have a section of our living room that is designated as my office and I have some durable used office furniture in that area which is also comfortable to work at.

Where do you do your blogging at? Are you comfortable? Maybe too comfortable? I know sometimes when I am sitting on my sofa, wrapped up in a blanket using my laptop I actually get less accomplished. I kind of zone out!

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