How to Put Text Behind a Cut in Blogger

by Unbalanced Libra | 12/28/2008 09:36:00 PM in |

Many Livejournal and Typepad bloggers love the 'cut' feature which enables them to put a large portion of a post 'behind the cut' so that a lengthy post can be shortened, thus not taking up so much room on the main blog page. Those who are interested in reading the entire post can click a link to read it.

Wordpress has a plug in for this but us Blogspot bloggers still need to do this the old fashioned way. There is some simple coding you need to add to your blog template for this to work.


This script adds an expandable post summary feature to your blog. The advantages of this JavaScript approach are

* The hidden text is displayed inline as opposed to opening a new window
* It is applied selectively at the discretion of the author
* It has a toggle feature to hide the text once displayed
* It can be applied retroactively to existing posts

Click Here for instructions and the coding

I hope this was helpful. I know I will be using this 'cut' feature a lot, especially in my mommy blogs, where I post lots and lots of pictures!

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