How to Find 'nofollow' Blogs and Sites

by Unbalanced Libra | 10/21/2008 08:46:00 AM in ,|

If you leave a comment on a blog/website/forum and that comment will link back to you, great! That can help increase your page rank. I recently discussed this idea in regards to having .gov and .edu sites link to you. Click here to read that post.

One important tip is to make sure those sites are NOT 'nofollow' - if they are, you won't get any help from them because the search engines will not 'follow' your link.

Here is how to find out if a site has the 'nofollow' attribute:

Install the Search Status plugin - this is on Firefox. Once you install this, enable “highlight nofollow links” by right clicking the search status icon in the top left corner of your browser (this may also be found on the bottom right side of your browser, just look for it) and then make the appropriate selection. Once this is done any links that are 'nofollow' will be highlighted in red.

Stay away from the sites with the 'nofollow' attribute and you will be fine!

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