Getting High PR Sites to Link to You

by Unbalanced Libra | 10/17/2008 10:00:00 AM in |

Most of us bloggers know that search engines, especially Google will give you better placement if you have sites with a high page rank linking back to you. The key is not only to find sites with a high PR but to find strong, reputable sites with a high PR.

Some of the best 'strong' sites are .gov and .edu domains - especially the .gov sites.
Now relevancy is usually a big factor too. You want a site whose content is relevant to your site's content linking to you, however, if it's a .gov site linking to you - relevancy is not so important.

How do you get these sites to link to you? Read a few of their posts/articles and leave a comment.

*Remember to find the blogs and forums that offer links via comments and forum posts/replies that aren’t nofollow.

Also, don't spam those sites! It is very important to only add 1 or 2 comments/posts/etc. per week. The search engines are smart and will recognize if all of the sudden there are several new .gov links pointing back to you and you’ll get penalized for it.
Be patient and just add a link or two every week or so. In a couple months you’ll see you PR increase a healthy amount Yes, it does take time but it's a great way to up you PR and gain credibility!

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