How to Increase Page Rank by Bringing Old Posts to Life

by Unbalanced Libra | 9/27/2008 10:27:00 AM in |

If you care about your blog, update it, pay attention to the content and fix old posts. Google’s PageRank algorithm tests to see how often a web page is updated and the length of time between changes in a blog post’s content.

I have put together some tips that will help bring some life back to your old posts, not only for your readers but to help your search engine page ranking.

  • Link to Old Posts: A new incoming link drives traffic to an older post, as well as search engines.
  • Add Intrasite Links: Go through your old posts and look for opportunities to link from within the post to other related posts you’ve written more recently.
  • Re-Write Posts With Keywords: Once you understand the importance keywords and search terms and how that plays in helping your blog content get found on search engines, go back and rewrite the content with more and better keywords.
  • Update Information and Blog About It: Posts which are popular or have timely information worthy of updating, can be updated and fixed. I do this a lot when any changes happen regarding my form, The Independent World Community. Making improvements and then pointing to them in a new blog post lets people know you are working on old material to make it better.
  • Add a List: Instead of writing paragraph, paragraph, paragraph, try changing the content into a list form, guiding the reader through the process rather than just telling them about it. Lists and instructions are very popular compared to story-telling guides. They are easier to read as well.
  • Spell Check: Spelling errors seem to appear constantly, no matter how much you spelll check. Go through and fix spelling errors.
  • Update Links: This is a HUGE deal. Links' destinations change all the time. Some webmasters are smart and add redirects, but not all, so update your old posts by checking for outdated and dead end links and removing the truly dead ones and updating the moved links.
  • Revisit the Topic: Clean up the old post and then revisit the topic in a new post, referencing the old post. This gives you a chance to add a spark of attention to the old post.
  • Incorporate the Old Post Into a Category or Series: If you find you have a related collection of blog posts, edit them to become an article series, connected together as a small body of work instead of sitting alone individually. I have tabs set up in my blog header with links to certain types of posts. People seem to like this. It's an easy way for them to access all the topic related posts.
  • Very Old Material: There are times when the information within an old post is so old, there is really no fixing it. It just has no value. You can delete these posts or you can keep it, but add a note that explains that this information is no longer valid, and points your readers in the direction of newer information, revitalizing a more recent post.

Even changing and updating a link shows a search engine you’re paying attention to your old posts, which can help increase your page ranking.
Don't let your old posts get lost in the abyss of your blog! Breathe new life into them!

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