How Often Should You Post on Your Blog?

by Unbalanced Libra | 9/06/2008 10:19:00 AM in ,|

Frequency of posting has always been a huge topic of discussion in the blogosphere. If you post too much, you and your readers could hit burnout. If you don't post enough, you could lose readers. What a conundrum!
Here's my opinion:

Find a happy medium, haha, I know, sounds obvious, right? Well, easier said than done.

There are days I get *blogger's block*, (<---yea, I just made that term up, lol). That's when I turn to Google Trends for ideas and can also help with search engine placement. Then there are days I have so many ideas and news to share, I sometimes go overboard. That's when I blog it and save it, to be published at a later time.

Publishing too many posts in a short amount of time can tire your readers, especially those who visit your blog regularly via bookmark or RSS feed. Publishing too infrequently can cause you to be forgotten. I say posting every day is okay but the *ideal* would be 3-4 times a week. Personally, this is my downfall and something I am working on because I post very often.

I notice that while traffic definitely goes down if I post less, I see more comments per post. Of course I don't want the amount of visitors to dwindle but having a great deal of interaction with my readers is important - more important, to me, than having oodles of traffic.

More posts do equal better traffic, if you're posting quality content. Search engines find you better and your RSS feed may go up.

The bottom line? Know yourself and have a general knowledge about your reader type. Find your happy medium and all will work itself out!

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