Yahoo! Buzz - Time to BUZZ up!

by Unbalanced Libra | 8/19/2008 11:16:00 AM in ,|

Get your content on the front page of Yahoo! This is huge for bloggers and article writers. Yes, it's cool to get your content discovered on social bookmarking sites, but even with those sites, such as Digg, where your content can be pushed up on their internet homepage, using Yahoo! Buzz will potentially get your content on the Yahoo! Homepage - and that my friends, is HUGE.

First, you need to have a Yahoo! account. If you don't have an account, visit the registration page and sign up. Once you have a Yahoo! account, you'll need to select the button you want to display on your page. Visit this page for buttons.

IMPORTANT NOTE - The Button code contains a line “ARTICLEURL” -and you must input the URL you want buzzed manually. Also, there are no plugins for this as of yet. You will have to add the button code to the end of each post, and input the url for the post at the same time.

If you use Blogger, you could add a Text/Javascript element to your theme, place it right at the top with the button code, and update the code with your most recent post URL every time you publish. Or, you could put the script code in to every post by logging in to Blogger, going to settings and then to formatting.

If you choose the latter, which is what I chose, scroll to the bottom of the formatting page until you see post template. There is a box you can add text/code to. Put the button code in that box: (click to enlarge)

Save settings.

Once you finish typing an entry, you'll have to publish it, grab the URL and then edit it to add that URL to the button code. You will see this code when in the HTML mode of editing.

If you use Wordpress, switch over to HTML to input the button code directly into the source. Then, to get the URL of a post you have not yet published, simply copy the link location from the “Preview this Post” button, and remove the “&preview=true” from the url and add that post's URL.

No matter which way you choose to add this button, do not forget to input your specific article url into the yahoo button
If you forget that, this will not work!

Lastly, don't forget to VOTE!!!!!

Vote *up* the content you love and hey, vote *down* anything that deserves it - the balance must be kept for the system to work.

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