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by Unbalanced Libra | 8/29/2008 07:31:00 AM in |

If you use Blogger/Blogspot, then you have (unless you've already removed it) a navigation bar at the top of your page. Some people like them some don't. My friend recently changed her blog layout and the new layout had some coding in it that removed the navigation bar and she did not want it removed. She posted this at my forum and we got it figured out for her!

Listed below are a few reasons I have come across as to why some people do NOT like to have the navigation bar:

1. There are buttons on the navbar that point to the Blogger Homepage. Too much of self-promotion.
2. The NextBlog button takes visitors to another recently-updated randomly selected blog on blogspot. But what if clicking the NextBlog button takes readers to a blog with adult offensive content.
3. The existing Blogger Navbar colors do not integrate nicely with my custom blogger theme.
5. The BlogThis! pop-up link is already available if Blogger Backlinks are enabled.

However, if you still want to remove the navigation bar, here's how:
On your Dashboard, select Layout. This will take you to the Template tab. Click Edit HTML. Under this section you will see your blog's HTML.

After this part (which is very near the top):
Enter in this CSS definition:
The next part of code to follow the CSS definition is this:
There is more to that last code, I just wanted to give you something to look for. The CSS definition needs to go in between those 2 parts of HTML code.

If, for some reason, you notice your blog doesn't have a navigation bar and you want it to have one, look for that CSS code and delete it =)

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