How To Make Commenting Easy For Your Readers

by Unbalanced Libra | 8/01/2008 11:34:00 AM in ,|

What do you think about blog comments? Do you generally leave comments for people when reading their blog(s)? Just how important are comments?

I personally feel it's an excellent way to network with other bloggers. Sometimes you will find the same people are reading and commenting on your blog. That's great, build rapport! Even link back to some, they may link to you.

I feel the key to the whole commenting system is to make it easy for readers but you don't want to make it easy for the spammers.
There are different opinions on this topic, I'll give you mine.

  • Allow ANYONE to leave a comment. There are people who will come across your blog who don't have a blog of their own or an account with the same blog platform as you do. Their opinions are just as valuable as anyone else's!
  • DON'T have your blog set up where a reader must log in or join your blogger community/platform in order to leave a comment. This is in the same vein as what I mentioned above. When I come across blogs set up like this I don't bother to comment and rarely do I ever return to read that blog again. What for? I can't interact with the blog's author and why should I have to join some site in order to comment?
  • Don't allow comments to show up in a pop up window. Originally I had my settings to allow a pop up because I hated the fact that my readers were directed away from my main blog page to leave a comment. However, many people have pop up blocker enabled and therefore this would be frustrating for them, so NO pop up window for comments!
  • Comment moderation? Well, I say YES. Okay, so some people like instant gratification and want to see their comment posted right away. I do understand this, however, I don't want to run the risk of being spammed. I realize I could use the word verification option but I refuse to. (I'll get to that next). It is very important that there is no spam, because outgoing links from your comments depreciate the value of your website page rank. Now, with comment moderation, you get an email notifying you of a new comment. For me this isn't an issue, I check my email frequently and I also get email notification via my Blackberry, so I can generally approve a comment rather quickly.
  • Word Verification, I say a resounding NO to. Why? It's annoying, plain and simple. I hate seeing that ghastly verification box when want to leave a comment for someone. However, I realize this is one way to prevent some spam, well *bot* spam anyway. A human can still leave you a comment with a bad link attached and complete the word verification, so why not just moderate comments and avoid spam all together?
These are just my opinions on the matter. Some people prefer to log into their blog account daily and go through comments and delete the spam, I prefer to prevent it from getting on my blog at all!

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