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by Unbalanced Libra | 7/17/2008 09:27:00 AM in |

What I am about to say may seem like common sense, yet it didn't occur to me.

Make sure the URL you give your blog is one you want to stick with. Don't name it something so outrageous people won't remember! (you'd think outrageous would help people remember but that's not always true.) Don't name it after some event in your life because those come and go and eventually that name will seem irrelevant to your blog content.

The original URL of one of my blogs was:
When I decided to start blogging the intended purpose was to create my entries about the Walt Disney World trip my family planned for May 2008. The intention was to document all the planning, feature places we'll visit, things we'll do and how I am making money to pay for it all.

My blog evolved. I still wrote about WDW but my blog became more and more about every day life and the money making aspect.

My faithful readers understood what was happening, however, new readers were more than confused. Even with the blog description in my title, they just didn't understand the *we are disney bound* URL and how it related to my blog. Obviously the last thing I wanted were confused readers!

With thoughts of having confused readers, the fact that one day we may not be *disney bound*, like the day we get back from our trip, not to say we'll never go again, but you get the point I took the plunge and got a custom domain from Google for $10/year.

The downside? A new URL means starting over, so to speak. I lost my Google page rank and was not indexed.
I had to resubmit my blog to umpteen search engines, I had to resubmit my blog URL to all my blogging communities, review sites, etc.

Think long and hard about choosing a URL name!

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