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So you want to start a blog? It's very easy to set a blog up but before you do that you need to decide what your blog's intent will be. I recommend the sites below only because I have had personal experience with them. I realize there are a ton of blogging platforms to choose from. I am just going over a very basic "how to"

Do you want one as an online diary of sorts? A place where family and friends can keep up with you? If so, do you want to be able to keep some entries private or only available to certain readers? If this is the case, then I recommend a wonderful blogging platform, Livejournal.

Livejournal allows you to create a free blog where you control the privacy settings. You can set entries to be viewable by anyone, only you, or only the friends you have on your friends list (so yes they must have an account as well), then you can even go a bit further and let only certain friends see an entry. It's a nice set up and I definitely recommend it for personal blogging.

If you don't care about privacy settings and are actually thinking about trying to earn some cash from your blog, I recommend Blogspot. Account creation is free and very simple to set up.
Wordpress is another free, easy to use blogging platform. I have never used the Wordpress platform so I cannot comment on the experience.

A few hints:

Upon creating your blog, you must chose a URL name, which is going to be the web address people will need to know when going to your site. Make it simple, make it catchy and make it something you can live with.

Once you choose a site name you then must decide if you are okay using the domain name of the site (such as Blogspot) or if you want a custom domain name. The difference is in the URL address. Going with the host site, such as Blogspot, you'll see the site name you chose then
Having a blog set up like this is fine (and free) and many people have successful blogs hosted this way.

However, if you want full control of your blog, get a custom domain name. If you are considering paid blogging, many advertisers prefer you have your own domain name. This blog is hosted by Blogspot but I purchased the domain name from Google for $10 a year so there is no which makes this site now have a custom domain.

$10 a YEAR is a bargain. I like it and I'm satisfied.
It's easy to buy a custom domain name from Google via Blogspot. You can do this in the settings section of your blog under publishing. (click to enlarge)

Follow the instructions and viola! You're done and have your very own domain name!

If you think you'd rather get started with a different hosting service instead of using Blogspot or Wordpress, make sure you research them all before making a decision.

Choosing a hosting service and a site name/URL is the hard part. Once you get all that taken care of you can then weak your blog. Choosing a template and the color scheme is fun!

Once you have all this down, start blogging!

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