If you use a Blogger/Blogspot platform, then you know the comment system is a bit annoying.

First, you are re-directed to either a pop-up screen where you enter your comment in a box, or a new page entirely where you must submit your comment and then are redirected back to the blog. Many other blogging platforms allow you to enter your comment and make a single click to submit.

Blogger has developed an inline (embedded) comment form which can be enabled through Blogger in Draft.

To enable inline comments for your Blogger powered blog, you need to log into your dashboard through http://draft.blogger.com
Then go to Settings>Comments and scroll down the page to see the new "Comment form placement" setting:

Check the radio setting for "Embedded below post" which will enable the display of the comment form below your blog posts.

I know some bloggers have customized their template, f you have done so then you will need to make a small change to your template code for this comment form to display.

Go to Layout>Edit HTML in your blog's dashboard and check the "Expand widget templates" box. Then search for this section of code:

Replace this entire section of code with the following instead:

Then save your template. Now when you view a post page in your blog, you should see the new comment form in place.

Now, not all templates feature the code I posted above. If this is the case for you, search for this line in your template code:

Immediately after this line, add the following line of code:

Then save your template.

The only issue I personally have come in contact with regarding this is if the template being used is a Wordpress template that has been converted to be used for Blogger. I have 2 blogs with this type of converted template and I have been unsuccessful in making these changes to the comment form.
If anyone can help me out, please do!

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