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Hey! Here you will find my other sites and sites of friends PLUS places I like, where I find goodies, and gossip!

Want to be listed on this page? Feel free and contact me!

Please include the URL of this blog so I know which blog you want to do business with as I have over 20 sites.

Thank you!

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Great Shopping Blogs:
- our favorite gift picks for any occasion! - from what the celebrities wear to what they do and where they shop! - a guy's point of view on what men want! - whether you're looking for ideas to buy a girl or you're a girl yourself, looking to find the best deals and latest trends, this is the blog for you! We have some great style and beauty tips too!

Great Gift Ideas... - our gift picks for the girl in your life. - Gift ideas as well as gift etiquette. - cool and unique gifts! - cool and unique gifts for the guy in your life.

Sites for Babies and Kids... - Need to buy a gift for a new arrival? Check out our baby gift ideas! - You will find the latest and greatest trends in baby clothes here! - All kinds of ideas for not only gifts but just things babies, kids and teens would love to have!

Giveaways, Coupon Sites and more.... - The latest information on coupons, coupon codes, deals and steals!

Fun Blogs and Fun Sites: - Fast, Easy and delicious recipes! - Fun blog written by a lovable Boxer. - The 'ins and outs' of planning weddings, bridal showers and baby showers. - cute blog about babies and baby stuff and family adventures.

Articles, News and Reviews... - The latest products up for a review! - Looking for information on something? I bet we've covered the topic in this article blog! - A 'mommy' blog, fun to read and great reviews. - Written by a guitar builder who also loves to play!

Personal Blogs - Inside the mind of a SEO business owner! - This Libra is not always balanced! - A blog about a guy being dragged back to Walt Disney World, again! - The life of a slightly high maintenance chick! - She's dark but passionate.

TheJourneyToHere - The story of a work at home mom, how she got to be a work at home mom and what she's accomplished. Tips for those who would love to stay home and earn income!

Technology and GEEKie Blogs - Geek stuff galore! - Computer lover geek blog. - Basic tips ad tricks to get started blogging.

Random Blogs about ALOT of nothing... - A guy with lots to say! - Break free from debt and financial strain, weight issues and health problems. Become independent in mind, body, spirit and soul. - A girl with a lot on her mind.

Parenting and 'Mommy' Blogs - This mom wrangles 3 kids and works from home - and survives! - A Pagan mommy raising her Witchlets. - More of the Independent Mom. - Hoping for baby number 4. The journey.

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