Proofread Before You Post

by Unbalanced Libra | 7/19/2008 10:03:00 AM in |

A big blogging tip, PROOFREAD! I know, this sounds like common sense, right? It's so common that many bloggers forget to do this or do it so quickly they miss not only misspelled words but sentences that don't make sense!

Actually, I recently did this. I blogged about a book I was NOT impressed with. In the post I initially said the author wrote a great book. I meant to be sarcastic in using the word "great" but failed to note this in my post. I hit Publish Post and went on my merry way - oh yea, I proof read, I just didn't catch this error.

A few hours after posting I noticed an excerpt of my post appeared on Xomba, which of course made me happy, until...I finally noticed my error. Someone could read that and think I am going to be talking about how wonderful I think the book is and then come to my blog, only to see me giving a thumbs down - which may make the reader feel mislead.

I did edit the post but unfortunately the edited version was not updated on Xomba.

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