Is Google Page Rank Really "all that"?

by Unbalanced Libra | 7/27/2008 10:28:00 AM in |

Over the last few months my Google Page Rank has been slowly ripped away on 2 of my blogs. One went from a PR of 2 to a big fat 0 within a short time. I have checked and rechecked my stats via Google analytics and Site Meter and my unique visitors and page views have gone UP, as well as backlinks, so how could my page rank go down?

Simple; advertising. Ahhh, not with Adsense though, Google doesn't get a profit from the blogs Ido paid blogging with as well as allowing people and/or companies to buy advertising on my site. I make a decent supplemental income for my family every.single.month. doing those things on some of my sites.

Google does not like this and last year began taking page rank from bloggers' blogs who do just as I do. This causes advertisers to pull campaigns because they see low or no page rank. Search engine positioning is a huge deal to advertisers.

This does NOT necessarily mean the traffic has slowed on a site, yet few people seem to care enough to check. They rely solely on that green bar that they've installed on their tool bar to dictate to them.

People have gotten so fixated on this that some are even faking their page rank just to get the higher paying opportunities with paid blogging sites and to get advertisers to want to advertise on their site.

IZEA is one company that has finally begun to try and break the Google PR cycle by coming up with their own ranking system, real rank which is slowly catching on.

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