Avoid Copyright Infringement At All Costs

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So you've written an awesome post and now you need a really great photo to finish it off. You fire up Google Images, type in your keyword and hundreds of pictures come up related to your search. You choose the perfect picture, save it to your computer and upload it to your blog. You publish the post and done!

A few weeks or maybe it's months later, you get a notification that the photo you used belongs to someone else and they order you to take it down. You've unknowingly used a photo copyrighted by someone else and they aren't happy about it. If you're lucky, you'll be asked to take it down and that will be the end of it. If you're not so lucky, the owner will sue you and you'll have to go through a court battle and probably pay for using the photo.

Copyright infringement is raging out of control on the Internet these days. It's difficult to tell which photos are copyrighted and which aren't, but that's no excuse in the eyes of the law. In an effort to stop copyright problems, Google announced last week that they will begin punishing sites who blatantly use copyrighted material. What this means is, if you are notified repeatedly to remove copyrighted material from your site, Google will punish you by lowering your rank in their index, or even worse, remove your site from their index altogether.

When looking for images for your posts, use sites like Creative Commons because they specialize in photos that do not contain copyright. Be sure to read the rules for using the photos because the owner may require that you give credit to him when you post the photo. If you don't know if a photo is copyrighted, it's best to pass it over and find one that you're certain is free to use. When it comes to using someone else's work, it's better safe than sorry.

The mobile revolution is here, and you should be keeping track. Mobile marketing is power-packed with resources, innovations and expense-reducing strategies. If you haven’t hooked into mobile media’s prime marketing mechanics, you’re missing out. Already, mobile advertising has dropped into big world events, utilizing native ads, in-app ads and product matches to guarantee success. Check out our one-two mobile punch to increase sales.

Punch One: Create Foundation Essentials

Generating a powerful mobile platform needn’t require rigorous work, but it does require a few fundamental components. Your mobile application should be accessible, well-defined and prospective. Companies like Foursquare are prime contenders, here. Immediate access and anywhere, anytime accessibility guarantees success.

Each mobile customer’s needs rotate around the following:

  • Local search capabilities
  • Loyalty programs
  • Amenities
  • Store finder application
The above features are mobile marketing must-have’s. They’re vital to your marketing platform’s outreach effectiveness and attractiveness. Local search capabilities transcend location, making your mobile marketing program truly mobile. Meanwhile, loyalty programs, coupon giveaways and other amenities secure your mobile marketing application’s benefits. They attract users.
Mobile marketing has become an incredibly viable platform. Forbes.com states, ”In 2014, marketers plan to make long overdue expenditures for mobile marketing tools and techniques.” Now, more than ever, features pave the road. If your mobile marketing platform is accessible, your tools are already outfitted for success.

Businesses that rely on e-commerce must utilize all the personal information gathered by their mobile marketing platform. If your mobile app is synced with your e-commerce platform, personalized push notification can instantly impact your target market.

Punch Two: Outreach

Once your benefits have been secured, outreach should be a priority. Mobile marketing analytics are highly unique in their ability to gather and depict data. However, such data gathering isn’t useful when not applied for outreach. Mobile marketing carries a lot of variables, but outreach smooths the edges by offering a healthy supply of consumers.

Social Media

Social media marketing remains one of the world’s top industry sales resources. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram should all direct traffic to your mobile platform. In leading customers, focus on your mobile platform’s:
  • Benefits
  • Easy download
  • Special offers
  • Promotions
Social media users frequently access networks via apps, making your mobile platform incredibly accessible. Modern web apps instantly redirect users to their host provider’s application store when a new app is chosen. This small avenue is often overlooked—though it shouldn’t be.

Encouraging Purchases and Driving Sales

Once you’ve engaged the one-two punch strategy, you’ll be well-equipped to drive sales. Mobile marketing does, however, require quite a bit of upkeep. You’ll need to constantly promote benefits obtainable chiefly through your business’s mobile platform.
New product information should constantly be displayed on home and social media pages. When possible, direct users to the mobile platform for more information. Your mobile platform’s sole benefits, then, will be taken advantage of. Product promotions, special events, coupons and location-based amenities should be both easy and direct. Consumer purchases occur when little barriers stand between the buyer and seller.

A Word on Tracking

Your mobile marketing platform carries a ton of selling potential assuming it’s been streamlined to your other marketing efforts. Driving sales, in most cases, simply requires benefits the consumer can’t refuse. Mobile exclusives will keep customers engaged to your platform, creating future possibilities. Track your website’s traffic, too, as it’ll expand your understanding of clickthrough and mobile access. Backlinko.com’s mantra of, “No traffic, no leads. No leads, no sales. No sales, no business,” comes into play, here. Targeting traffic is vital to your mobile marketing strategies.

In fact, it goes hand in hand. Your mobile marketing platform necessitates sales through one-time-only offers and awesome discounts. Companies like Groupon have mastered the trade, utilizing quick, comprehensive processes to create thriving marketing campaigns. As your mobile marketing strategies expand, your sales strategies will need to scale. While garnering product sales is an endgame goal, they should be aligned with mobile marketing strategies from the get-go. Stay in touch, stay tuned and stay effective.

What's Next?

What do you think of what I've covered so far? Will you start your mobile marketing campaign?  I would love to read your comments below.


Author Biography

Sophorn Chhay
Sophorn is the marketing guy at  Trumpia, the most complete SMS software with mass text messaging, smart targeting and automation.

Choosing the Right Keywords

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