Still Moving Things

by Lisa Silket | 9/07/2015 03:32:00 AM in | 0 comments

While blogging I'm still moving items from the old house to this place. I found all this information about a carvin bass - I wonder of that was next on the purchase list? Anyway, so while I'm here off and on, I would love for my readers to help me out by keeping this site alive. Here's how:

Contact me with a question and I'll get back to you with a personal post here on the site, just for you.

Use this form to send me your question(s)

If you really want to emphasize a word, consider using italics or bolding the word instead of underlining it. Underlines should be reserved only for hyperlinks. Underlining text may confuse your visitors.

Ever see text underline and think it's a link, only to find out it takes you nowhere? That is frustrating! Don't frustrate your readers!

Took A Break

by Lisa Silket | 9/07/2015 03:11:00 AM in | 0 comments

I took a slight break from blogging. Well, more than 'slight' I suppose. It's been a long time. I think the last time I even used the Internet it was months ago, to look up information on rich robinson guitars. That was when I was living with my husband, who works for Martin Guitars.

So, I'm back. Stay tuned, I'll have more blogging tips posted in the near future. I promise. 

Even Bloggers Need Business Cards

by Lisa Silket | 2/18/2014 12:23:00 PM in | 0 comments

It's true, almost every type of promotion seems to be online these days, so it only makes sense to promote your online blog, well, online. Don't end your reach there though, business cards are still an effective advertising method, even for your online blog.

Leave your business card on gas station pumps, on the bulletin board at grocery stores, even on the table at a restaurant. Most people will at least take a moment to visit your website - simply out of pure curiosity!

This is just one of the many Business Branding steps you need to take to get your name/site/ store 'out there'. So, if you think this is a great idea - check this out: Pike Graphics is giving away 1,000 business cards! You can enter here

Blogging Myths

by Live, Laugh, Blog | 8/21/2012 11:01:00 AM in | 0 comments

Hundreds of thousands of blogs are started each year. Everyone has their own reasons for blogging, but the one common link between them all is the desire to inform their readers. Whether it's a mother blogging about her family or a company blogging about its products, the main reason for blogging is to get the information out there for others to see. 

The following video is interesting because it addresses some of the myths out there about blogs and their value on the Web and in real-life. If you have reservations about starting a blog, or need a little motivation to get going, watch this video. You'll come away with a whole new outlook.

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